How to Build a Meaningful Relationship with Bloggers

How to Build a Meaningful Relationship with Bloggers

Meaningful Relationship With Bloggers

There is a very common saying and many of you might have already heard it. The saying goes like “respect goes both ways” in that same way building relationship requires the involvement of both parties. Let me tell you a short story one day I was with my friends sitting in a cafe and one of my friends wants to be an influencer. We were having a conversation over future plans and suddenly she said that these famous influencers don’t support beginners. I asked her what happened and she said that she asked 2-3 influencers to promote her stuff but none of them has ever seen her messages. Then I asked her did she try to make any prior relationship before asking them to promote her? She swiftly answered NO. The mistake she did in the whole process was not making any initiative to build a meaningful relationship with bloggers before seeking help and promotion.

5 Tips to Build a Meaningful Relationship with Bloggers:

1. Connect Through Gmail.

This is known to be one of the best ways to connect to any blogger as the email goes straight to the blogger and they can see it personally. Tell them how much you like their work and how you admire them for it. Show them how their content has an impact on your life.

2. read Their Blogs and Do Comments.

Let them know that you read their blogs by a comment on them. By commenting you will become a part of their online community. Don’t feel sad if they don’t reply to your comment but let me tell you a secret, they read each and every comment.

3. Do Their Promotion and Tag Them.

No one hates free promotion. Share and tag them wherever and whenever possible this will bring you to their notice. This is one of the effective ways to build a relationship with them.

4. Buy Their Programs, Services, and Products.

Many bloggers sell their programs, services, and products. You can buy those stuff and services and later promote them this will help you get noticed.

5. Trust the Process

Apart from being a blogger, they have other responsibilities too. So, they can be busy with other stuff apart from blogging so try to be patient and always be persistent. Trust the process as you may already know good and great thing takes time. Don’t lose hope.

Apart from these 5 ways, there are other ways too by which you can make a meaningful conversation with a blogger. So, stay tuned to explore other ways too.

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