7 Useful Ways to Build Brand Awareness with Email Marketing

7 Useful Ways to Build Brand Awareness:

82% of marketers claim that email marketing is the most effective channel to promote content, enhance leads and boost conversion rates. It not only helps to stand out from the competition and retain the existing customers but also enables businesses to engage with new customers and boost the Return on Investment (ROI). Here are 7 useful tips to build brand awareness with an email marketing campaign:

7 Useful Ways to Build Brand Awareness:

1. Email tone and template – The personality of a brand’s marketing interaction should be consistent across all points of customer contact. Aligning a tone that represents the brand value instills trust and confidence in the customer’s eyes. 

Human beings have a pattern-seeking tendency. The need for pattern recognition from the brands forms the basis for brand awareness. The feasible way to establish the same is with an HTML email template that complements business objectives. Email marketing templates help in strengthening brand recognition and awareness.

2. Ensure email-campaign conversions – Generally, email newsletters with graphics tend to perform better than text-only types. Additionally, users are more likely to open brand messages they recognize. It is essential to include the company logo. 

An appealing image at the top area of an email is one of the effective ways to convey a brand’s message across and often determines if the email gets read or is trashed.

3. Welcome email is mandatory – Welcome mailer is a great opportunity to set the pace for all futuristic mail correspondence. Conveying the newly subscribed customer what to expect from future trials enables a business to establish a more personalized connection with the brand. A personalized message from the CEO can definitely add to the worth of the mail.

4. Design a matching landing page – The email marketing campaign is incomplete without a customized landing page complementing the email template. If the email and landing page requires a customer to carry out a certain task, the business should ensure that the customer knows what the task is and how they are able to perform it.

5. Avoid promotional pitch – Email is the simplest form of brand communication in a particular niche. A brand that has a promotional tone and is only interested in sales tends to have a high email drop-out rate.

The most efficient means to acquire customer loyalty is by offering solutions to customer issues. Sending solution-centric email content enhances customer engagement and drives the next email follow-up.

6. Regular emails – It is essential for a business to be consistent with the branding, pitching, and sending. Establishing a situation where customers are looking forward to a message from the company will keep a customer’s trust and interest alive.

7. Segment and customize – Any business not working on list segregation and deeper customization is missing out on creating effective brand awareness. Segregating an email list into desired micro-segments allows for more customer-focused marketing.

Building a powerful email campaign using these 7 tips calls out for increased brand awareness!

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