What Is A Growth Mindset and How Can You Develop It?

What Is A Growth Mindset and How Can You Develop It?

Six Ways To Develop Growth Mindset:

There are diverse mindsets, each of which can support or disrupt our well-being. A growth mindset believes that our basic abilities can be improved and developed through dedication and efforts. Without a growth mindset, the required effort is not exerted and one remains perpetually stuck.

Adopting a growth mindset can break through the stuckness and attain the desired long-term objectives, whether professionally or personally. A fixed mindset has the negligible coping capacity to confront challenges. Because of the fear of making mistakes or challenges that inhibit growth. But having a growth mindset enables one to enjoy the challenges despite the risks associated.

People with a growth mindset often develop new skills and manifest something more easily because of the belief to work at it. Changing a fixed mindset to a growth mindset may seem daunting. But taking the following steps can help develop one:

Six Ways To Develop Growth Mindset:

● Accept and embrace your flaws – All of us have our own flaws, imperfections, and peculiarities that make us unique. Embracing the same and inculcating self-love is imperative to developing a growth perspective.

● Deal with your challenges fearlessly – If you find yourself amidst a serious difficulty, stop and re-modify the situation in your mind. Unleash the challenge into an opportunity, slightly changing your mindset making it easier to engage. Each challenge opens the door to a new experience.

● Do not seek approval from others – Approval from others can inhibit a growth mindset. Focus on building self-acceptance and self-approval by trusting yourself.

● Be genuine – Pretending to be someone you do not make you fake. It reduces the value of what you have to offer. Being authentic is a time-consuming process. And requires a lot of work on oneself. Once you do, you are likely to be motivated to pursue the true objectives that put you in a growth mindset.

● Take criticism positively – The aim of criticism is to change things for good. Someone else may view what you are doing from a slightly distinct perspective. And offer some useful suggestions. If you are open to such constructive criticism, you are likely to nurture a growth mindset.

● Focus on your strengths – We all have our own strengths and weaknesses. Exploring your strengths and working on your weaknesses can help develop a growth mindset.

A growth mindset helps one embrace challenges, overcome setbacks, own your words & actions and acknowledge those efforts in the pursuit of mastery. This is the reason why ‘practice makes one perfect’.

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