Keep an Eye on Emotional Blackmail & How To Break It  

Keep an Eye on Emotional Blackmail & How To Break It 

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Keep an Eye on Emotional Blackmail & How To Break It

An unhealthy method of manipulating others to make demands and scare victims to obtain what they want is emotional blackmail. When you don’t know what you want even though you want it, so emotional blackmail is used to make you suffer. 

The idea of emotional blackmail assists through its development and increased attention, therefore the movement is spreading knowledge and understanding about the nature of emotional abuse and its potential harm. We investigate the significance of emotional blackmail. For manipulation, as well as the harm caused by emotional abuse & solutions to handle it & Overcome Addiction

What Are the Signs Of Emotional Blackmail

  • Attempt to control you.
  • Dismiss your feelings or feel that you’re too sensitive.
  • Isolate yourself from family and friends.
  • Make you doubt yourself.
  • Call your names.
  • Yell, intimidate or make threats.

4 Types of Blackmailing Each with Different Manipulation Tactics:

  1. Punishment/Punisher- So, regardless of the other person’s emotions or needs, a punisher acts out of need. The punisher’s main tenet is to insistently push for control and get what they want by threatening to cause harm or damage. 
  2. Self-Punisher- A person who can make threats & harm himself/herself so if the partner does not comply with what they want. 
  3. Sufferers- When they are unable to meet the demands, victims use this voice to admit their guilt to their partner. As a result, if they do not comply, they will suffer even though it is their fault.
  4. Tantalizer- The promise of better compliance generates hope and helps in connecting threat to demand, making this form of manipulation among the most confusing.

How It Works 

Typical blackmail, emotional blackmail involves trying what they want from you so instead of holding secrets they manipulate & play with your emotions. Emotional blackmail can be identified in 6 specific stages: 

  1. Demands- To relate the threat to a clear demand, the manipulator must first establish demand in the first stage of emotional blackmail. They attempt to control your friend’s choice while still guiding their demands to show that they care about you.
  2. Resistance- The victim may oppose or feel the need to avoid the person after the demand has been identified because they’re unsure of how to respond to it. The disturbing aspect of this process is that the victim is often exposed to an unpleasant, unfair, or unreasonable demand.
  3. Pressure- A blackmailer will create pressure on you to comply with their demand using a combination of the following methods:
  • repeating their demand in a way that improves their image. 
  • highlighting how your rejection hurts them. 

If the victim first refuses to comply with the demanded action, the manipulator might also turn things around and put blame on them or question their motives. A big part of this procedure is confusion.

  1. Threats- This stage of the process involves the manipulator threatening to do or not do something to make the victim unhappy, uncomfortable, or in pain. Emotional blackmail involves direct or indirect threats. They built up a situation where, if the victim refuses to follow, they could be held responsible for the expected bad outcome.
  2. Compliance- The victim gives up, either quickly or slowly as a result of increasing self-doubt. They follow the order of the manipulator, frequently giving rise to emotions like fear, rage, guilt, or anger.
  3. Repetition- In all relationships including emotional blackmail, the frequency of these actions and behaviors varies. No matter how frequently these behaviors occur, the person and the relationship suffer as a result. The cycle and the foundation for continuing this pattern are now set.

While tension and disagreements do occur in a healthy functioning relationship, partners learn to work together to find a solution. Usually, emotional blackmailers are not interested in negotiating. They often expect things in black or white and are hesitant to make sacrifices.

Giving in can seem like the best way to maintain peace & Improve Your Work-Life Balance as complying often leads to manipulation & disturbs your life balance as well.

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