Strong is the New Skinny: Embracing Body Positivity on Your Fitness Journey

Strong is the New Skinny: Embracing Body Positivity on Your Fitness Journey
Strong is the New Skinny: Embracing Body Positivity on Your Fitness Journey

Let’s talk truth bombs: the obsession with a single number on the scale is a total buzzkill. For far too long, the fitness industry has equated “skinny” with “healthy,” leaving many feeling discouraged and stuck in a cycle of fad diets and unrealistic goals. But here’s the good news, fam: a new wave is washing over the fitness shores, and it’s all about body positivity. This movement isn’t about achieving a specific look; it’s about celebrating your body for what it can do, not just how it looks. Ready to ditch the skinny obsession and rock your fitness journey with a healthy dose of body positivity? Let’s dive in!

Why Body Positivity Matters: More Than Just Feel-Good Vibes

Body positivity isn’t just about fluffy affirmations and trendy hashtags. It’s about fostering a healthy relationship with your body, one built on respect and appreciation for its strength, resilience, and unique capabilities. Here’s why body positivity is crucial for a successful and sustainable fitness journey:

Boosts Confidence: When you focus on what your body can achieve, confidence soars! You’ll be more motivated to push your limits and celebrate your progress, big or small. 

Reduces Shame and Fear: Ditch the negative self-talk and body shaming! Body positivity empowers you to embrace your body’s imperfections and focus on its amazing capabilities.

Improves Motivation: Constant negativity is a motivation killer. Body positivity fosters self-compassion, making exercise feel more like a celebration of your body’s potential than a punishment.

Encourages Holistic Wellness: Body positivity goes beyond the physical. It encourages a focus on overall well-being, including mental and emotional health – essential for long-term fitness success.

From Skinny to Strong: Redefining Your Fitness Goals

Instead of chasing a number on the scale, let’s set some kick-ass fitness goals that celebrate your strength, not size. Inclusive workouts can positively impact body image by promoting acceptance and accessibility for people of all shapes and sizes. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Focus on Functional Fitness: Develop strength, stamina, and flexibility to tackle everyday activities with ease. This could involve bodyweight exercises, weight training, or even dance classes – anything that makes you feel powerful and capable!

Celebrate Non-Scale Victories (NSVs): Did you crush a new exercise? Did you run a farther distance? Celebrate these NSVs! These milestones are testaments to your growing strength and progress.

Find Activities You Love: Working out shouldn’t feel like torture. Discover fitness activities you genuinely enjoy, whether it’s group fitness classes, hiking with friends, or mastering a new yoga pose. 

Embrace Progress, Not Perfection: Fitness is a journey, not a destination. There will be setbacks and plateaus. Focus on celebrating progress, big or small, and learn from challenges along the way.

Body Positivity in Action: Building Your Support Squad

Surrounding yourself with positive influences is crucial for a successful body positivity journey. Here’s how to build your support squad:

Follow Body Positive Influencers: Social media can be a powerful tool for good. Follow inspiring influencers who promote a healthy relationship with food and fitness.

Find a Workout Buddy: Having a workout partner can boost motivation and accountability. Find someone who celebrates your progress and encourages you to reach your goals.

Embrace Body Positive Communities: Connect with online communities or local groups centered around body positivity and fitness. Sharing experiences and supporting others can be incredibly empowering. Celebrating diversity in fitness encourages people of all backgrounds and abilities to participate and feel welcomed in the fitness community.

Beyond the Gym: Body Positivity Everyday

Body positivity extends far beyond your workouts. Here are some ways to make it a part of your daily life: 

Challenge Negative Self-Talk: Notice when you engage in negative self-talk and reframe those thoughts with positive affirmations about your strength and resilience.

Practice Gratitude: Take time each day to appreciate your body for everything it allows you to do.  Gratitude fosters a positive outlook and boosts self-esteem.

Unfollow Accounts That Trigger You: Social media accounts that promote unrealistic beauty standards can be detrimental. Unfollow accounts that make you feel bad about your body.


Let’s face it, the “skinny ideal” is outdated and unrealistic. Body positivity empowers you to shift your focus from achieving a certain size to celebrating your unique body’s strength, resilience, and incredible capabilities. So, ditch the scale, embrace the gains, and rock your fitness journey with a healthy lifestyle. 

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