How to Deadlift for Women: The Beginners Guide

How to Deadlift for Women: The Beginners Guide

Deadlift for Women

Deadlift is considered one of the efficient exercises that offer overall strength to a woman. Apart from that, it also helps in getting a good physical appearance. There are several reasons why a woman should include deadlifts in their exercise regimen. One of the major benefits of deadlifting for a woman is the fact that it helps them to realize their potential.

In a deadlift, the weight from the ground to thigh level is lifted up majorly using the hip and leg muscles with the help of large muscle groups of your body. To develop muscle and functional fitness, a deadlift should be a part of a strength training workout.

Beginners Guide to Practicing Deadlifts for A Woman:

Select a lightweight barbell to start with.

1. Keeping toes under the bar, position the feet shoulder-width apart. The feet should point straight ahead or they can form an acute angle. Heels should rest flat on the surface. When you lift, the bar will move close to the shins and may even scrape them. Your head should form a neutral spine position. A slight upward tilt is common.

2. Brace the abdominal muscles and stabilize them.

3. By bending the knees, squat down. The descendants to the bar form are kind of similar to a squat, with the back upright or slightly tilted.

4. Hold the bar outside the knee line with a mixed grip or an overhand.

5. Grasp the bar by lifting upwards with the legs from the knees. Exhale out on exertion. Be careful not to raise the hips at first so that the trunk moves ahead and the back is rounded. Exert tension on the extended arms as you grip the bar and push up the legs. The shoulder and legs should move upwards together with the hips as the balancing point.

6. The bars are supposed to scrape the shins and relax at a high level as you reach full length. The shoulders should be pulled back at maximum without bending backward.

7. By keeping the back upright, bring the bar down to the floor in a reverse motion.

8. Repeat the lifts as per the desired workout goal.

Talk to your physician or therapist to see if the deadlift workout is appropriate if you have any injuries or physical limitations. Use light weights at first and stop if you feel the pain. During pregnancy, it is advised to use lighter weights.

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