5 Best Workouts and Exercises for Teenage Girls

5 Best Workouts and Exercises for Teenage Girls

5 Best Workouts & Exercises for Teenage Girls:

The majority of the time in teenage girls’ life is spent in school. After school, they may have their tuition, play, or homework to complete. Experts recommend at least 60 minutes of exercise in a day for teen girls. It is important to encourage teens to do exercise in order to stay fit. Here are 5 workouts and exercises for teenage girls.

5 Best Workouts & Exercises for Teenage Girls:

1. Walking and Running: Routine walks and runs help teenage girls in several ways keeping them physically fit.

● Initially you can start with brisk walks for at least 30 minutes per day.
● After a span of 6 weeks, start with running.
● With every walk, increase your walking time. And alternatively, go for walks and runs.
● Do this at least 5 days a week.

5 Best Workouts & Exercises for Teenage Girls:

2. Push-Ups: This target the upper body (arms, chest, and shoulders) that help teen girls to excel at sports, dance, or routine chores.

● Keep your chest on the ground surface.
● Extend your feet towards your rear.
● Maintain an upright position from your knees to your head.
● The upper arm should form a 45°angle with the torso.
● Gradually, extend your hand and fully stretch the elbows.

5 Best Workouts & Exercises for Teenage Girls:

3. Sit-Ups: Sit-Ups help in strengthening the abdomen of teen girls. It helps in maintaining a good posture and overall body stamina.

● Start this exercise by lying on your back and bending the knees.
● Keep your palm on the back of your ears.
● Slowly move your torso upwards close to your thighs.
● Then, bring your torso down to the floor to the initial position.
● Do 3 sets daily, each consisting of 10-15 repetitions.

5 Best Workouts & Exercises for Teenage Girls:

4. Stability (balance) Ball Workout – These balls are a great way to improve cardio endurance, strength, and balance of teenage girls.

● Keep your chest on the stability ball.
● Rest your hands on the ball on the sides of your chest.
● Keep your toes pointing to the floor stretching your legs straight.
● Lift the body up until the arms are almost upright. (Do not elbow lock).
● Stay there and hold for 2 seconds.
● Slowly go back to the initial posture and repeat.

5. Strength (weight) Training Exercise: Weight training helps teenage girls by improving their athletic performance, reducing the risk of sports injuries, and strengthening their bones and tendons.

● Before you begin with strength training, warm up for 5 to 10 minutes.
● You can begin strength training with squats, sit-ups, and push-ups.
● Use weights while working out at least 3 times weekly.
● Execute this exercise under the supervision of an expert/trainer.

5 Best Workouts & Exercises for Teenage Girls:
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