Most Consecutive Wins in T20 Cricket

wins in T20 cricket
wins in T20 cricket

In this article, we are going to tell you about which team has the most wins in T20 cricket. India, Afghanistan, and Romania lead the charts with 12 consecutive wins in T20 cricket. 

T20 cricket matches are preferred over 5-day test matches and ODIs because they last 3–4 hrs and are fully action-packed, and teams are more focused on playing for a shorter format because of the upcoming ICC T20 World Cup in Australia. Therefore, there is no doubt that wins in T20 cricket rank among the most often used formats when compared to others formats. Because of the short format, every ball has a thrill as well as the crowd cheers when a batsman hits a boundary, making it just like an action-packed movie.

Most Consecutive Wins in T20 Cricket:

If compared T20 cricket matches are 410 overs less if compared with other formats, especially ODI’s or test matches which are for 5 days consisting of 4 innings 2-2 each & are played for 6hrs in a day to make it a more exciting day & night test match also started so bring more interest of people in the match. So due to the shot format, T20 is loved by everyone. Here are some teams who won the maximum number of matches in this format:- 

1. Indian with 12 Wins 

So the result has been amazing as there are 12 consecutive wins in T20 cricket. There are 3 other teams having the same number of wins but India & Afghanistan. The 3rd country who have 12 wins is Romania. So they won 3 against West Indies, New Zealand & Sri Lanka & won’t each match against Afghanistan, Scotland & Namibia. 

2. Afghanistan with 12 Wins 

So Afghanistan is on the top which 12 wins in the T20 cricket format. Afghanistan is one of the leading countries in the like from 2018-19 Afghanistan teams have 12 consecutive wins in T20 cricket as they won 5 against Ireland, 4 against Bangladesh & 3 against Zimbabwe. 

3. Romania with 12 Wins 

So the 3rd team on the list is the non-test-playing nation, they are in 3rd number in the list with 12 consecutive wins in T20 cricket. Romania won these matches between October 2020 to September 2021 as they won 4 against Bulgaria, 2 against Serbia & 1 against Greece, Malta, Luxembourg, the Czech Republic, and Hungary.

4. Pakistan with 9 Wins 

Pakistan has won 9 straight T20 matches in its 190 T20 cricket games played thus far, from July 2018 to November 2018. They had three victories over Zimbabwe and five versus New Zealand. 

5. England with 8 Wins 

England cricket team is well known for team in T20 internationals but still, there are only 8 consecutive wins in T20 cricket formats from May 2010 – January 2011. They won 3 against Pakistan, & twice against Australia & South Africa & only once against Sri Lanka & New Zealand. 

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