How to Stop Anxiety Attack in 10 Easy Steps


Anxiety is a common term that comprises various experiences (such as fear, nervousness, apprehension etc.) and all of us have it at some point in our lives. However, stop anxiety attack cause symptoms such as racing palpitations, chest pain, flushing skin and breathing problems that might make you feel as if you were to faint or die.

Here Are 10 Easy Steps to Stop Anxiety Attacks:

1. Take up A Favorite Hobby or Listen to Music – Taking up something you are passionate about or listening to music is an effective way to divert your mind and calm it down. Engaging in a hobby can help to relax the mind and develop a positive space.

2. Practice Meditation – Practicing mindful meditation can help to attain focus on your mind and body. It is an excellent way to connect with oneself and curb the anxious thoughts.

3. Get Some Movement – Going for a stroll or run, finding other means to do some body movement are effective ways to calm and relax your brain. Doing this activity outdoors in the open space is more beneficial.

4. Stay Connected with Friends/family – Anxiety can make an individual go into isolation. Hence, staying in touch with family, friends and loved ones can make you feel connected and boost your morale during down times.

5. Concentrate on Your Breathing – Taking some deep breaths can help in relaxing the mind and body. The moment you feel anxious, inhale in and exhale out to a count. And concentrate on your breathing.

6. Speak It out – Keeping things to yourself can lead to bottle-up. Hence, it is better to speak out and share it with the ones you trust to release the inner turmoil. It refreshes your mind, reducing anxiety.

7. Sensual Engagement – By using grounding techniques, bring your mind to the present moment and trash all the negative emotions. Paying attention to all your senses and listing the things you see, smell, taste, hear and touch can do wonders!

8. Have a Proper Meal Schedule and Balanced Diet – Skipping meals and taking long gaps in your diet can increase symptoms of anxiety. Thus, proper nourishment is paramount to restrain panic attacks.

9. Adequate Sleep – While your brain is asleep, the body works to revive and replenish itself. Having a proper and consistent sleep routine is essential to rewind your mind and body. 

10. Seek Professional Consultation – It is mandatory to seek professional help, if your anxiety has started to become more frequent and you are not able to manage it. If it starts affecting your health and daily regimen, it is time to seek psychological treatment. 

With These 10 Simple Ways, Say Bye to Those Panic Attacks!

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