How to Choose the Social Network that Works for Your Business

Social Network

With several social platforms to opt from and busier schedules, it practically becomes impossible to find time to be active on every social network. Shrinking your choice to just choose a few platforms will allow you to focus on your efforts and get the best ROIs. So how do you find the best social platform that works for your business? Here is a full guide to choosing a social network for your business.

1. Determine your target audience – The primary step is to determine your target audience. Being specific will ease your decision-making process. Finding answers to the following questions is key:

a.) Who is your target customer?
b.) What is their age group?
c.) What is their gender?
d.) What are their education and income?
e.) What are their interests?

Using the answers to these questions will help develop the profile of your audience.

2. Outline your social networking objectives – Once you have identified your target audience, you need to outline social media objectives for that audience. Some brands use social platforms to generate brand awareness and develop rapport with potential customers. While others use it for customer support.

When it comes to outlining your social media objectives, it is imperative to enlist how social media can work for your brand. For example, the Twitter handle of Netflix (@Netflix helps) is channelized for addressing customer problems. It also serves as an opportunity for gratified customers to promote the brand.

3. Find your targeted customers – After having the audience profiles and your objectives outlined, it is time to trace your audience. To execute this, you have to identify which medium your audience uses by looking at user demographics on each channel.

Social Network

And also, consider how active your audience is on these platforms. To illustrate, a young user may have a Facebook profile but is more active on TikTok or Instagram.

4. Competitor Analysis – One of the essential steps to consider is competitor analysis. This analysis allows us to extract answers to the following questions:

a.) What platforms competitors are using?
b.) What is working for them and what is not?
c.) What is the level of audience engagement on each channel?

This information is not necessary to imitate your competitor, but it definitely gives an idea about what others in your space are doing. So that you can make an informed decision.

With these tips, choosing the right social media channel is no more an ordeal!

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