How to Check & Delete Everything Google Knows About You


Google stores all of your data once you sign in—in fact, it hides this fact. It records all the information so that you can use its services such as Maps and Youtube to the best possible extent. However, Google does provide a tool to view and delete your data saved on the servers But you can see, examine, and delete all this data. You can control what information is collected and stored and protect your privacy by managing Google activity on your Google account. Activity Controls is a feature of your Google Account that allows you to manage the information that the Google services you use to share and gives you access to your activity data.

Simple steps to Check Your Activity Data that Google has Stored:

Google keeps you safer and more secure by using data from Google services. You can view and control your activity data by signing in to your account and clicking on the circle icon located in the upper right-hand corner with your image inside. You will be directed to ‘Manage your Google Account where you can find ‘Data & Personalization, click on ‘My Activity’ under ‘Activity and Timeline’.

If you want to delete all your data stored by Google, follow these steps.

Deleting your activity is a great way to start fresh and control what Google remembers about you. You can delete any information stored in your Google Account at any time —including search results, Gmail messages, Drive documents, and more—by going through the Activity Controls page. If you have multiple devices (e.g., laptop and phone), be sure to delete them from all of them to ensure that the information is removed from each device.

  • The first or initial step is to go to
  • Then click on the circular icon located in the upper right-hand corner.
  • Then the ‘Manage your Google account’ option is shown click on it.
  • In the ‘Data & Personalization’ option, there is an ‘Activity controls’ panel.
  • Click on Data & Personalization option.
  • After that click on app & web Activity.
  • One list of your past activity is shown next to the items that you need to delete, select the 3-dot icon, & then click on the Delete option.

Final Thought

In Conclusion, we can easily conclude that we can easily check & delete everything from google. We have to follow some simple steps to check & delete the data. The abovementioned steps surely help you.

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