Here Are 10 Tips on How to Live a Stress-Free Life


Stress is a major concern for many people – a hectic job schedule, chaotic routine and bad habitual patterns (such as unhealthy diet, drinking and smoking) can result in heaps of stress free life. When one feels ‘stressful’ human bodies and brains trigger a series of adaptations to survive the threat. 

To cope with these ‘survival challenges’, our bodies react to stress by shutting down several systems pertaining to long-term survival (such as reproductive capacity, immunity, empathy and analytical thinking). And put all the body’s resources into core muscles. It indicates that when a human brain is in stress, it is biologically wired to be less creative, less futuristic and less empathetic.

1. No Multitasking – The most effective way to reduce stress is by focussing on one task at one time. Keep away from distractions and practice working on one particular task over too many.

2. Follow a Simple Schedule – An over-crowded schedule is the major reason for stress. Thus, it is best advised to minimize the number of commitments and concentrate on the ones that are significant.

3. Be Active – It is essential to keep oneself active by going for a walk, hike, taking up a sport, going for a run or may be practising yoga. 

4. Include One Healthy Habits Maintaining a healthy diet is also important for leading a stress-free life. Include fruits and vegetables in the diet. Drink plenty of water.

5. Calming Dose – For some people; taking a power nap, going for a nature walk, having a shower or reading can be a stress-reliever and act as a calming dose. 

6. Sort the Finances – Finances can be stressful and one of the important causes of stress. Automated bill payments/transfers and finding ways to save money can keep one stress free.

7. Include Some Creative Tasks – Picking up some creative tasks is also a great way to prevent stress. It could range from painting, pottery, music, etc.

8. Organize – A simple activity of decluttering and organizing the house can reduce stress. By cleaning up and placing things properly can make a neat and tidy space for work or play.

9. Early to Bed – Being late to bed is one of the leading causes of stress. Inadequate sleep can cause a person to become irritable and less productive throughout the day. Hence, having a peaceful and adequate sleep is important for keeping the mind stress-free.

10. Meditate – What else can be as calming as going into a meditative state? It not only helps the mind to be at peace but also keeps the stressful thoughts at bay.

Follow these stress-buster practices and make your life peaceful!

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