Expert Guide to Using LinkedIn Advertising for Your Business

Expert Guide to Using LinkedIn Advertising for Your Business

LinkedIn Advertising

LinkedIn Advertising is an efficient mode of stretching your business reach by targeting the right market base for your brand offerings. There are different types of LinkedIn Advertising options available such as Sponsored posts, Boosted posts, and Video posts. All these have their respective benefits that make LinkedIn an intriguing and valuable source for lead generation.

1. LinkedIn Text Adverts – These adverts are excellent means to start with LinkedIn advertising. Text ads are executed either through cost-per-impression or pay-per-click and are aimed at reasonable prospects. You can design your own adverts and upload them with ease. You can also monitor your costs with the Ad Platform Manager.

While using these adverts, it is important to note the following:

● Put an image
● Use a solid call to action
● Have focused targets
● Directly communicate with your audience
● Deploy A/B testing to trace the best performers

Text adverts can be a bit tricky as it has word limitations. Ensure to stuff in as much as you can in a limited space. A headline can consist of 25 characters and a description of 75 characters.

LinkedIn Advertising

These adverts allow you to engage with your audiences and initiate conversations. 2. LinkedIn Sponsored Adverts – This advertising form allows you to include your content adverts on the LinkedIn homepage – specifically your ‘feed.’ It can be viewed across all devices – laptops, tablets, or smartphones. So any prospective audience can view it.

The visual nature of sponsored adverts makes them appealing. You can either develop wholly new and fresh content to be sponsored. Or just opt to publish your alerts from your Showcase page or LinkedIn company page by editing them.

3. Sponsored InMails – This is a super-targeted form of LinkedIn Advertising. You can send the content directly to the potential audiences via LinkedIn Messenger. It is an efficient method to boost registrations for events/webinars/send content directly to your prospects.

While drafting an InMail message, you must choose the campaign title, sender’s complete name, profile picture, and subject line. And wrap it up with an attention-grabbing summary and the intended message.

4. Display Adverts – Display Adverts are aimed at particular audiences and are not recommended if you are just starting to use LinkedIn. These adverts appear on LinkedIn pages with massive traffic, and prospects will view them. Display ads can be purchased through private or open auctions.

5. Dynamic Adverts – These are super-customized forms of LinkedIn adverts that make them highly effective. The significant advantage of these ads is that you can easily direct your ads to the primary decision-makers in potential companies.

Using these different LinkedIn Advertising formats, you can leverage your business as per your objectives.

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