7 Effective Ways to Reduce Gadget Addiction and Overcome It

Tips to Reduce Gadget Addiction.

In these times of the ‘gadgets era’, everyone almost everywhere has become slaves to gadgets. In an attempt to attain connection across the globe, social beings have lost connection with society and loved ones. Technological advancements and the advent of the internet have made things easier, but what about the impact it has had on adolescents and kids. Not only is physical health at stake, but it has also conquered mental well-being. 

Younger children are suffering from ‘Nomophobia’, a fear of being without a smartphone or in no mobile contact. Increasing loneliness, depression, insomnia, anxiety, and boredom are some symptoms of gadget addiction. The other consequences include diminishing focus, reduced decision-making/problem-solving skills, and lack of imagination and creative abilities in the younger population that need to be addressed.

Here are some ways to reduce gadget addiction:

1. Replace it with better alternatives – Finding better alternatives over devices such as television, smart phones, laptops and substituting it with radio or engaging in good music can work.

2. Family get-togethers – Spending quality time with your friends/family members helps in developing good bonds. It reduces screen time and gives way to meaningful relationships.

3. Follow an exercise regimen – It is essential to have an exercise routine, practice yoga/meditation, have a walk or go cycling. Such activities help in maintaining a good body and sound mind. Thus, allowing to escape from the gadget pool!

4. Get a pet – Another out-of-box idea would be getting a pet. Pets are amazing ways to kick out the gadget engagement. Instead of spending hours in front of TV or being a gaming jerk, spending cuddle time with pets releases the happy hormone, ‘Oxytocin’ and is a fabulous stress buster!

5. Turn-off Wi-Fi/Bluetooth – Turning off the Wifi/Bluetooth or switching off the gadget half an hour before going to bed is highly recommended. It not only improves sleep quality and reduces insomnia, but also strengthens family bonds.

6. Set time limits – It is paramount to have time boundaries. Setting rules, and time limits and abiding by those can help in reducing gadget time drastically.

7. Invest in books/Have a hobby – Nothing better than reading a book over being glued to a screen. Dive into that cool pool or take some dance/music lessons, go for a trek or a jog, anything that is refreshing. Having a hobby can help in gadget repulsion.

The Bottom-Line

The above tips can help one to withdraw from the gadget culture and invest time wisely. So next time you think about gadgets, think about the hazards too!

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