Best Security Tips for Public Wi-Fi Users


Public Wi-fi is free, & available almost everywhere. Mostly available in shopping centers, restaurants, cafés, libraries, hotels, and so on. This Wi-fi is utilized by a huge number of individuals consistently. Security tips for Public Wi-Fi is a great way to save on data, but it can be risky. Here are some tips for staying safe when you’re using public Wi-Fi.

1) Use a Vpn:

If you’re going to be using public Wi-Fi, make sure that you have a VPN installed on your device. A VPN will encrypt your data and keep it safe from prying eyes and lots of tips you can follow to protect your phone from hackers.

2) Use HTTPS:

If you need to log into any accounts while on public Wi-Fi, make sure that the website uses HTTPS before entering your password or other sensitive information.

3) Turn Off File-Sharing on Your Computer

Sharing folders can be an incredible approach to working cooperatively with your team, as well as sharing photographs with loved ones. In any case, one thing that a large number of us don’t understand is that once your PC connects with public Wi-Fi, those folders can be seen by any other person on your network.

4) Don’t Use Banking Apps:

Avoid using banking apps while on public Wi-Fi unless they use HTTPS as well.

5) Turn Off Location Services:

Always Turn off location services if you are accessing public Wi-Fi. This is basically for your security purpose. Public Wi-Fi is not secure as hackers can easily steal your identity.

6) Try Not to Sign Into Accounts

That requires personal details or online banking details to create an account try to avoid that if you are using public Wi-fi. The personal details that you have entered to create your account can be easily stolen by hackers. So for your own secure account sign in to an account.

7) Check Your Bluetooth Connection

Bluetooth connections over public WiFi can be risky. Always monitor your Bluetooth connection while you are accessing public Wi-Fi.

8) Always “forget” the Public Wi-Fi Network After Its Use

Always make sure to forget this network after its utilization. It will prevent your device from attackers. And, in the future, it will not get automatically connect without your permission.


Connecting to a public WiFi without taking some safety tips can be risky. It gives a chance to hackers or attackers to access your browsing activity, personal details, bank details, and much more. So to avoid this follow the above mention tips while using public Wi-fi.

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