Best Powerful Cyber Security Software To Protect Your Privacy From Hackers

5 Powerful Cyber Security Software to Protect Your Privacy

Post the Covid-19 pandemic, remote working has become the new normal for every organization, irrespective of its size. Considering the present scenario, no organization is able to dodge security issues and cyber threats. The hackers are always on a hunt to find lacunas in the security system and land companies in a mess by taking advantage of them.  Cyber security software safeguard the networks, system from illegitimate data access, identity leak, and other forms of cyber-attacks. Thus, cyber security software tools play a key role in protecting the sensitive and private information of individuals as well as businesses. Here is the best powerful cyber security software that offers protection from hackers:

1. Life Lock – It is a cyber security software tool that offers protection from online theft. It functions to lock your files with a single click.


● It offers social security number notifications.

● It provides VPN that can be deployed for up to 5 systems.

● The application scans and sends notifications through emails and texts.

● Users can easily resolve any type of identity leakage.

2. Bit Defender – It is an anti-virus software that offers on-demand and on-installation scan functions. It helps in shielding the system from different threats. The tool protects personal details and maintains online privacy.


● It verifies whether or not a user’s mail account has been breached.

● It has negligible influence on the battery life of the device.

● It instantly responds to the threats without affecting the system’s performance.

● It offers 24/7 security alerts.

● It enables easy management of a user’s PC browser.

● It provides VPN to protect online transactions.

● It is suitable for the secured execution of internet banking.

3. Malwarebytes – It is a cyber security application that secures the system against fraudulent websites, malware, and ransomware. The software can identify about 8 lakh plus threats on a daily basis.


● It provides a secure browsing experience.

● It cleanses threat-infected devices.

● It can administer a privacy check for all software applications.

● It offers multilingual compatibility (such as English, German, Italy, French, etc.).

● It can detect and eliminate adware.

4. VIPRE – It is a hassle-free cyber security software offering cover from spammers and malware. It gives a strong defense system against upcoming threats.


● It restricts malicious websites.

● It guards the system against incoming and outgoing web traffic.

● It permanently trashes the file traces.

● It erases the browsing and search history.

● The users can run a quick scan.

5. Webroot – It is a cloud-based security tool that curbs real-time threats. The tool secures the PCs and mobile.


● The software protects the login and password details.

● It offers non-cumbersome and time-efficient updates.

● It has an advanced web filtering function to protect users from risky websites.

● It allows users to safe browsing, shopping, and social media visits with ease.

Keep your device hacker-free with these powerful cyber security software tools!

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