Best Inventory Management Software Solutions in 2022

Best Inventory Management Software Solutions in 2022

Managing inventory is the crux of any business. Without robust inventory management, a business can hardly succeed. Inventory management software solutions allow businesses to monitor stock levels and manage orders, sales and dispatches. Here are the best Inventory management software solutions for 2022.

1. Zoho Inventory – For start-ups, Zoho offers an integrated free plan that enables consumers to accept back orders, out-of-stock inventory, organize drop shipping and manage multi-currency transactions. It offers small businesses an opportunity to keep the inventory stream-lined without budget constraints. 

If a business opts to update the plan, it can avail enhanced features. With an elite plan, businesses can enjoy unlimited orders, tracking or shipping labels. Businesses can manage multiple warehouses, track batches and serial numbers. It can also sync several Shopify stores to a business account. Zoho works effectively for small and medium sized businesses.

2. Fish bowl Inventory – This inventory management software covers almost all the components of an inventory management system. It is an all-in-one solution combining the manufacturing and warehousing functions. It includes bar coding, multi-channel tracing, shipping, customer relationships, easy creation of purchase orders and cost management. 

Considering it is manufacturing and warehousing centric, the tool is more suitable for businesses of medium to enterprise levels. However, it still goes with any business size and is a bit expensive.

3. Ordoro – It is not an easy ordeal to manage inventory, especially when businesses are dealing with multiple sales mediums. Ordoro makes multi-channel supplies easier. The stock management solution helps to develop master products within the inventory eco-system of a business. 

It allows businesses to update details, images, branding and supply channels. It also offers vendor management functionalities. The software not only helps to generate more profits but also restrain storage of expensive and excess stock.

4. InFlow Inventory – For businesses with limited budgets, InFlow is the best inventory management system in the market. Businesses can avail several features with some of the cheapest paid plans. The tool is easy to deploy and many of its inventory monitoring features are automated. 

It also has an amazing mobile app that enables aligned coordination with inventory managers and sales agents. The tool is a cost-friendly option, as it is more scaled back over other platforms.

5. Oracle Netsuite – Oracle software solution offers a desirable UX. It is best suited for businesses moving products across multiple locations. The tool focuses more on product management and warehousing over dispatching and managing records. It is highly beneficial for larger businesses functioning across distinct locations. 

The cost is kind of a hindrance, as its base plan is itself expensive. However, Oracle Netsuite is definitely in for larger businesses having operations in different locations for the barcoding and warehousing features it sells.

With these profound inventory management software solutions, inventory management is no longer a hassle!

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