Best Functional Exercise to Maintain Your Fitness at Home

Functional Exercise, Best workout, Healthy lifestyle,
Best Functional Exercise to Maintain Your Fitness at Home

When you hear functional exercise so it might sound just like another new type of workout that promises to tone you up but don’t get fooled by the name as it is a series of exercises that are designed in a way you use your body in mind & train your muscles accordingly to accomplish the activities that you want to do every day. 

It enables you to do your daily activities with more energy & reduces the chance of injuries, so such activities with more energy reduce the chance of injuries. These activities target all the muscles of the body & make you fit in a short period of time. You are going to experience an increase in your stamina & endurance after a few sessions of training. It helps increase physical balance & boosts overall health as it is one of the quick fitness workouts anyone can adopt. 

What Are the Benefits of Functional Exercise

Functional exercises mainly focus on the use of multiple joints & muscles instead of moving the elbow. So if a functional exercise includes the elbow, shoulders, spine, hip, knees & ankles. This type of workout is done when you can assist with everyday activities easier & lower the risk of injuries. Some of the benefits of fitness include better balance, stamina, & flexibility so it can be designed for aged people so that they can enhance their balance, ability & muscle strength & improves their quality of life. 

5 Functional Exercises you Can Perform at Your Home:

1. Burpees

Functional Exercise, Best workout, Healthy lifestyle,

Let’s start with burpees as they help in improving coordination & muscle memory. They are great for working out every muscle present in your body & increase stamina. Perform the following steps:- 

  • Stand straight & bend for squats
  • Touch hands on the floor 
  • Kick your leg back in the plank position. 
  • Perform a pushup & then back to the squat position. 
  • Try jumping as high when you get up. 

2. Performing Lunges

Functional Exercise, Best workout, Healthy lifestyle,

Perform all types of lunges such as straight, right & reverse lunges. These are great when you are working out for your legs, back, ABS & core as it proves the physical balance. Follow these steps for performing lunges:-

  • Stand straight with chin up
  • Take a foot forward don’t move the other 
  • Bend a little forward and bend both knees at a 90-degree angle
  • Return to the starting position

3. Mountain Climbing 

Functional Exercise, Best workout, Healthy lifestyle,

This exercise mainly requires you to get into the position as if you are climbing a rock or mountain. His exercise helps in building the strength of the cardiac muscle. Follow the steps for this exercise:- 

  • Starting from the pushup position 
  • Bring your knee close to your chest while tightening your abs. 
  • Take it back and repeat with the other knee
  • With time it will increase your pace

4. Bicycles crunches

Functional Exercise, Best workout, Healthy lifestyle,

Bicycle crunches give an interesting twist to regular crunches as they are great for building the abdomen muscles & the muscle with the back & legs. Follow the following steps for Bicycles crunches:-

  • Start from the crunches position & lift your leg while peddling a cycle. 
  • Keep your hands on side of your head
  • Bend your right leg and bring it close to your chest 
  • Touch your left elbow with your right leg & repeat the process with the right elbow & left leg. 

5. Plank Position 

Functional Exercise, Best workout, Healthy lifestyle,

Planks are one of the great exercises that helps you to work out all the muscles of the body & can also help in increasing endurance & physical balance. Beginners usually hold on to a plank for 5 – 10 seconds. Steps for performing planks –

  • Lie down with your leg at level with the shoulder
  • Lift while balancing the body weight on forearms & toes. 
  • Pull your stomach in look straight & hold. 
  • Working on increasing your time to hold on to your plank. 

Functional exercises are great alternatives for aerobics & gym so these exercises are exhausting but will Improve Your Home Workout. You must ask your doctor before you add to your routine.

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