9 Excellent Corporate Gifts for Employees

Corporate gift for Employees
9 Excellent Corporate Gifts for Employees

If the staff is engaged and feels appreciated, the workplace can become a fantastic place to spend time each day. The perception that their employer values them as individuals can spread to all employees, not just those who receive milestone celebrations such as new hires, employee anniversaries, and promotions. Furthermore, providing incentives to teams that interact with customers, such as sales, marketing, and customer service, can increase Business Productivity and job satisfaction, improving everyone’s daily grind. In general, thoughtful Corporate Gifts for Employees can motivate employees in ways that verbal appreciation or yearly evaluations cannot.

Choosing business presents for employees looks like a simple task, and it actually is. However, if you want to make a big impression with some gifts that will genuinely demonstrate your gratitude for their efforts, a little thinking and planning can help make the gift-giving process truly fruitful.

Why Gifting Your Employees Matters?

While great benefits, competitive salaries, and flexible job perks may entice employees to join the team and stick around for the long haul, it’s the unexpected gestures that make the message ring true. The ideal gift is always appreciated, and not just during the holidays. They can be used to commemorate anniversaries, tenure, onboarding, and new employee referrals, or to recognize someone who went above and beyond to meet a goal or a deadline.

We recommend following several best practices during campaign planning and execution to make the most of your employee gifts. These process enhancements can make the gifting initiative easier for your HR or administrative staff while also providing your recipients with a memorable experience.

  1. Create a campaign and budget in the same way that you would for any other gifting initiative, such as sending prospecting or client appreciation gifts. Outline your campaign’s goals and parameters for how recipients will receive their gifts (for instance, a gift placed on a desk may still have packaging requirements, while remote employees will need to have shipping fees factored into the planning and budget).
  2. Maintain proper gift-giving etiquette. For example, keep gifts within the same general monetary value and adhere to any corporate guidelines.
  3. Personalize the gift so that it appears to have been chosen specifically for the employee. This makes a great first impression. There are several ways to personalize gifts for your employees and many creative ways to bring your personalization ideas to life.
  4. Consider creating a swag or gift store, allowing employees to choose the gift that most speaks to them. This is accomplished through the use of an automated sending platform, which allows you to control the types and values of gifts selected based on predefined criteria (for instance, years of service.)
  5. Make your charitable giving a year-round endeavor. Because holiday gifts are “expected,” the item that appears on an anniversary, renewal, birthday, or even “just because” is far more impactful and emotionally evocative for your recipients. Consider the value of gifting for programs such as contests, SPIFFS, incentive programs, and others.

Top 9 Best Employee Corporate Gifts for Employees

1. Small Plants

Plants are always a nice addition to an office or home. Succulents from Lula’s Garden will delight your recipients and bring a touch of summer no matter the time of year for an elegant touch that brightens up a space.

2. Personalized Corporate Gifts for Employees

Creating a special connection by sending a truly personal gift is simple, with many options that reflect your unique recipients’ professional interests, hobbies, and causes. Team apparel, charitable donations, and experience gifts based on their interests can all make your employee feel truly seen and valued within the organization.

3. Gourmet Sweets

Something sweet is always a welcome addition to your desk or mailbox. It’s even better when there’s enough to go around with friends and family. There are plenty of treats and sweets to satisfy everyone on your list: Fresh fruit, gourmet nuts, cheeses, cupcakes, and cookies, as well as heartier options like smoked and fresh meat and meals, are available. This Ghirardelli chocolate celebration gift basket is both appealing and delectable. (Be sure any selections you make are allergen-friendly and tailored to dietary considerations where needed).

4. Branded Tumblers

Consider a well-customized branded tumbler for your team’s cup to runneth over (with appreciation! ), so they can enjoy their favorite beverage at work and elsewhere. This Corkcicle tumbler set ($90) is ideal for a picnic and can be used to transport any liquid that benefits from staying icy cold.

5. E-Gift Cards

Gift cards are an item that is always appropriate. A gift card is an excellent way to ensure that everyone gets exactly what they want. Gift cards are especially useful for surprise gifts to recognize employees who go above and beyond. You can easily personalize your gift card; consider Bass Pro Shop for the outdoor enthusiast, lunch or coffee cards for the on-the-go employee, experience gift cards to local venues or national ticket brokers for sports teams, or even an Amazon gift card to give your recipient access to a world of options.

6. Branded Clothing

Branded clothing is an excellent way to look after your team members both in and out of the office. Branded and personalized items such as fleeces, accessories, vests, rain slickers, and even comfy plaid PJs can leave a lasting impression while keeping them comfortable and demonstrating your appreciation. Want to motivate your hardworking employees to put their feet up (even on the desk!)? A stylish pair of branded socks, such as these super stylish and ridiculously comfortable ones.

7. Fun Desk Items

If you want to instill a sense of whimsy and fun in your office, a fun desk item is a great place to start. Mug warmers and coffee cups, board games for the common area, toys like Lego or Magnatiles, and even wellness items like salt lamps or stress balls can add the perfect finishing touch to your gift. This Ember USB-rechargeable mug keeps beverages at the ideal temperature for when you get distracted by a project after brewing your morning coffee.

8. Local Flavors and Products

Is your headquarters or an employee’s hometown also the home of a trendy product or a unique food item? Incorporate this theme into your giving to show your local pride. You can incorporate local flavors such as Wisconsin Cheddar, Vermont maple, or Buffalo’s most famous sauce into your gifting for a truly personalized experience for your recipients.

9. Noise-Canceling Headphones

Noisy office environments are no match for a smart and useful electronic gift like these Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds. They’re practical and comfortable, and they help everyone get through the day with less distraction and more power outages. These could be personalized with a branded or inscribed soft case for easy transport and use.

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