5 Useful Tips to Teach Your Child to Be Grateful


That 2 letter word, ‘Thank-you’ has a lot of power in it. Displaying gratitude is not just about being polite but offers us perspective, slows down our busier schedules and generates a healthy sense of balance. Teaching kids to practice gratitude makes them more sensitive and empathetic towards others. Also, less entitled and demanding overall. Several experts claim that practicing gratitude boosts overall happiness too. Here are 5 tips to teach your child to be grateful:

● Model Grateful Attitude – Children have a tendency to learn and grasp behaviour that they notice. As a parent, if you are not actively practicing appreciation in a descriptive and accessible way, chances are children are not going to learn it on their own. Practicing is not difficult. 

And parents in small intervals can express gratitude about things such as being thankful for the food they get or appreciating the beautiful nature that god has created. Celebrating ‘Thanks-giving day’ can also help.

● Prepare a Gratitude Jar or Tree – Kids are appealed by visuals and preparing a gratitude jar or tree is an amazing way to teach your family to be grateful on a daily basis. Each day, every family member can write on the leaf of a tree or a note to put in the jar about the things they are grateful about. 

And as the leaves or notes begin to fill up, a powerful reflection of so many lovely things to be grateful for can be obtained. Kids will definitely enjoy this process of exhibiting gratitude.

● Donate – Donating those not-in-use clothes, books or stuff that can be beneficial to others is an excellent way to showcase gratitude. Helping your kids to sort things out and put it aside for some other kid can teach your child to be helpful and inculcate a sense of generosity. It also teaches kids to separate happiness. And to let go and give.

● Teach Them to Earn Stuff – When children do not understand the equation between work and reward, they tend to miss the connection between good things and reward. It is difficult to instill gratitude in your children if things are acquired without any effort.

● Do Not Pamper Unnecessarily – Sometimes, it is essential for parents to refrain from over-pampering by fulfilling each and every demand of the child. Ensure once in a while – the child does not get that chocolate. As it can spoil the child and affect their behaviour.

Following These Tips Will Definitely Help in Nurturing Your Child with Gratitude. 

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