5 Reasons Why You Should be Using Pinterest Ads

Using Pinterest Ads

Businesses are working harder to carve their unique presence on several social channels used in today’s modern world. These businesses tend to prefer Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, and others. But there are some other platforms worth considering too. One such platform, in particular, that should be on your priority list is ‘Pinterest.’

It is one of the most underrated channels for promotion. But you would be surprised to find out that it is one of the most extensive website traffic drivers across the globe. As per studies, it is 80% more viral and three times more effective at lead generation than Twitter. Here are the five reasons why you should be using Pinterest Ads.

1. Higher conversion rates – Pinterest minimizes the number of stages from discovery to conversion, allowing people to get directly to the source. The visual nature of the site brings people into the ‘shopping mood’ and enforces purchase decisions more than any other social platform. Pinterest visitors have more probability of getting converted into sales over other social mediums.

Using Pinterest Ads

2. Pulls more traffic – Pinterest is an efficient tool to increase links back to your website, pulling more traffic. The platform has immense potential to drive tons of traffic to your site – if your graphics are visually appealing, eye-catching, and specific to consumer requirements.

Using Pinterest Ads

3. Promotes evergreen content – Pinterest is a fantastic platform for marketing ‘evergreen’ content. Other social channels usually have time-sensitive content, but it is not the same with Pinterest. It can drive long-term traffic. This medium kind of works like a search engine.

If a promoted pin has acquired many repins with popular keywords, the nail will continue to pull organic traffic without being time-bound. A successful paid repin will continue to create impressions and clicks even after the advertising campaign has ended.

4. Increased brand awareness – Promoted pins bring that pin to notice in front of several people. A pin comprising some attractive visuals, solid content, and relevant keywords will ultimately increase brand awareness.

User searches on Pinterest are majorly unbranded. It indicates that audiences are looking for specific solutions to their issues or needs. And are not necessarily looking out for any particular brand. Thus, it offers an excellent opportunity for a business to create some real brand awareness!

5. Generates demand – Pinterest is an excellent channel for generating demand. It allows users to discover new brands. Pinterest is 47% more likely to be acquainted with upcoming or recent brands than any social media. This platform is of benefit to newly launched brands or start-ups.

Pinterest should be a part of your advertising campaign with these fantastic benefits!

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