5 Cool Ways to Train Your Mind to Be Positive


Dr. Loretta Breuning (Professor at California State University) claims that the human brain is not wired to create happiness, as one wishes it to be so. Train your mind has evolved to facilitate survival. It restores the happy hormones (dopamine, oxytocin and serotonin) to meet the survival needs and only releases it in short amounts that are rapidly metabolized. 

Thus, motivating human beings to take steps that stimulate the happy hormones. Negative thoughts can become a hurdle and hamper one’s productivity, creativity and decision-making ability. Here are 5 ways to train the mind to rewire optimism:

1. Release the Intrinsic Negativity – If one allows oneself to dwell on the negative thoughts, the habitual pattern dominates the life and tends to influence the decisions. Therefore, the primary step is to release the negativity by focusing on the affirmative thoughts. 

An individual is supposed to acquire autonomy over the mind and deliberately focus on the happier thoughts by following a distinct approach to thinking. Calming the mind and practicing mindfulness meditation can also help to ward off negativity.

2. Rewire the Brain to Turn Negative Thoughts Into Positive Ones – After ages of subconscious focus on pessimism, it is possible to rewire the brain to interpret and concentrate on the positive thoughts. It is paramount to be aware of the thinking patterns and pay more attention to the flow of thoughts. 

A balanced mind is essential to decide on the opportunities to be unleashed. Thus, a careful scrutiny of a situation is imperative to determine the negatives. And humans are supposed to wire the brain to redirect such thoughts and scan for the positive ones.

3. Counter the Negative Thoughts – Once individuals are caught in a consistent loop of negative thoughts, it is the time to come out of the loop by pivoting. Visualizing and practicing a positive approach becomes necessary. 

Consider purposeful reframing and rewiring of thoughts into a more affirmative perspective. A mind has a tendency to fall back into old habitual patterns. And, thus one should re-condition to have positive thoughts and execute actions accordingly.

4. Create a Happiness Cycle – Engaging in acts of kindness and gratitude helps in making others feel good about themselves. Even small gestures of kindness can bring a smile to others’ faces. And such refreshing feelings can be exploited to channelise the thinking into a positive pattern.

5. Invest Energies in Fruitful Activities – One of the effective ways to be more positive is to invest in the thing one loves to do. These activities could range from reading, indulging in sports, going for a movie, going on a tour or picking up a hobby. Such activities can offer one with genuine happiness, boosting hormonal levels. 

Rewire and Revive Your Mind in These Easy to Execute Steps.

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