5 Best Media Planning Tools and Software of 2022

Best Media Planning Tools

Media planning tools help marketing and advertising agencies look for an effective way to reach target customers within a limited budget. These intelligent media planning tools ensure agencies offer solid media plans with an appropriate media strategy for each customer. These tools simplify every stage of the planning process. Check out the following best media planning tools. It will also save you time in your own research.

The majority of media planning tools enable businesses to envision media plans to make tasks easier while presenting the media mix to the customers at an appropriate time. Using media planning tools and software allows businesses to edit and manage each customer’s media flowcharts easily while accumulating all the information pertaining to media channels and advertising campaigns. Here are the 5 best media planning tools and software of 2022:

1. Zoho Social – Zoho is a comprehensive tool used by consumers to execute the social aspects of their business from one point. It helps in organizing and managing customer emails, projects, accounts, and presentations.


● It comes with a CRM (Customer Relationship Management) package and allows businesses to manage the accounts, emails, and projects under one roof.

● It integrates all the social media management channels that are compatible with all major social media platforms.

● Social media planning tool per customer starts at 10 dollars/per month.

● A free version with limited functionality is available with an alternative to upgrade.

2. Sprout Social – Sprout Social is one of the excellent media platforms in terms of usability, analytics, and publishing features across all social media platforms. The tool also offers one of the longest free business trials.


● Efficient user dashboard allows for managing the social networks from one platform.

● It deploys SMO (Social Media Optimization) tools.

● It extracts reports and analytics to manage consumer engagement and ROI (Return on Investment).

● The scheduling tools enable businesses to design posts with ease.

● It offers a 30-day trial.

3. Hootsuite – Hootsuite ranks high for its tracking tools and analytics. The software tool helps in analyzing trends and customer engagement in real-time. The analytic tool offers both general posting and social media adverts.


● The professional suite starts at 49 dollars/per month.

● It offers networking across 20+ social media platforms.

● It provides a 30-day free trial.

4. Loomly – Loomly is one of the top picks when it comes to large team collaborations due to its comprehensive package for a team of up to 26 people. It offers functions such as customer targeting, automated publicity, post previews, analytics, etc.


● It offers a 15-day trial.

● The base plan resumes at 25 dollars/month.

● It manages and shares all the social assets on one platform.

● Posts are optimized in real-time.

5. Sendible – Sendible is the best integration tool based on the several platforms a customer can use with. The tool can be integrated with Twitter, Instagram, Meta, Google My Business, LinkedIn, WordPress, YouTube, Google Analytics, Canva, and many more.


● It offers more integration alternatives over some other providers.

● The social media dashboard lets a business manage its social plan via one medium.

● The start plan resumes at 29 dollars/month.

● 14-day free trial included.

A business should try these 5 amazing tools and make its media planning easier!

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