12 Best Land Surveying Apps for Android & iOS in 2023

12 Best Land Surveying Apps for Android & iOS in 2023
12 Best Land Surveying Apps for Android & iOS in 2023

As technology continues to advance, so does the world of land surveying. Gone are the days of relying solely on traditional surveying tools and equipment. Today, smartphones have become powerful tools that can be utilized for accurate land surveying. In 2023, the market for land surveying apps on both Android and iOS platforms has seen significant growth, providing surveyors with a range of options to enhance their productivity and precision. In this article, we will explore the 12 best land surveying apps available for Android & iOS devices in 2023.

1. LandGuru – Android & iOS

LandGuru stands as a leading land surveying app, boasting advanced GPS features and comprehensive mapping capabilities. Surveyors can quickly collect data, create digital maps, and share information in real time with colleagues, enhancing overall efficiency in the field.

2. GeoMeasure – Android & iOS

GeoMeasure is a user-friendly app that simplifies the surveying process. It allows users to measure distances, areas, and perimeters on a digital map, making it ideal for land measurement and boundary assessments.

3. SurveyMaster

SurveyMaster offers precise GPS coordinates and incorporates augmented reality features to enhance the surveying experience. With its intuitive interface and powerful tools, this app streamlines the entire surveying process.

4. iSurvey

iSurvey provides surveyors with the ability to create detailed surveys and generate accurate reports. The app also includes cloud storage for seamless data backup and sharing, ensuring data security and accessibility from any device.

5. LandMeter

LandMeter offers a diverse range of measurement tools, including area, distance, and elevation measurements. This app is perfect for conducting topographic surveys and generating elevation profiles with ease.

6. GeoSurveyor

GeoSurveyor is equipped with advanced GIS functionalities, allowing surveyors to overlay various data layers and analyze information more effectively. This app is an excellent choice for complex surveying projects that require detailed data management.

7. Surveyor’s Companion

Surveyor’s Companion is a comprehensive app that assists in a wide array of surveying tasks, from calculating areas and volumes to performing geodetic calculations. Its accuracy and versatility make it a valuable tool for professionals.

8. MeasureMap

MeasureMap focuses on simplicity and efficiency, enabling surveyors to measure distances and areas with just a few taps. The app’s user-friendly interface and quick calculations save valuable time during surveys.

9. LandViewer

LandViewer stands out for its impressive satellite imagery capabilities, providing surveyors with high-resolution visuals of the surveyed area. This app aids in identifying landscape features and offers valuable insights for planning purposes.

10. GeoMark

GeoMark is a reliable app that allows surveyors to mark specific points and add custom labels on the map. The app’s annotations are beneficial for capturing on-site observations and highlighting critical details.

11. SurveyPocket

SurveyPocket facilitates efficient data collection with its offline survey capabilities. It’s a great option for surveyors working in areas with limited internet connectivity, ensuring data is recorded accurately even in remote locations.

12. LandSurveyApp

LandSurveyApp comes equipped with a suite of tools to handle different surveying tasks. From basic measurements to more complex calculations, this app is a handy all-in-one solution for land surveyors.


In 2023, land surveying apps have become indispensable tools for professionals in the field. The 12 best land surveying apps for Android & iOS mentioned in this article offer cutting-edge features, making land surveying more efficient, accurate, and accessible than ever before. Whether you’re an Android user or an iOS aficionado, these apps cater to all surveyors’ needs, regardless of the complexity of their projects.

If you’re interested in building your land surveying app or other custom applications, consider reaching out to a reputable Android App Development Company or iOS App Development Company. Professional app development companies can help you transform your ideas into reality, ensuring you have a tailor-made solution that aligns perfectly with your specific requirements and objectives. Embrace technology and empower your land surveying endeavors with these powerful mobile apps!

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