10 Social Media Contest Ideas to Grow Your Following

10 Social Media Contest Ideas to Grow Your Following
10 Social Media Contest Ideas to Grow Your Following

A social media contest is an excellent approach to boosting interaction, followers, leads, and brand exposure. However, developing a plan for your fight might be difficult. You must establish clear objectives, develop a creative approach, and ensure that it is consistent with your brand. Then there’s the technical side of things, like creating influencer alliances and adhering to each social network’s contest requirements.

Not to worry, we’ve got your back. We’ll provide you some inventive social media contest ideas in this piece to get you started.

A social media contest is a social media campaign that encourages participation, followers, leads, or brand exposure in return for prizes and incentives. You may urge your followers to like, comment, and share your content in exchange for something they’ll enjoy. This not only broadens your reach but also encourages more people to talk about your business. Contests also inspire customers to connect with your brand in an enjoyable and creative manner. You might, for example, encourage your followers to contribute their favorite photo of your product in action or come up with a clever commentary for a post.

Your audience will love the opportunity to compete for rewards, and you will profit from greater engagement. It’s a win-win situation!

3 Ideas for Social Media Contests to Boost Engagement

Try these entertaining social media contest ideas to garner more likes, comments, and shares.

Like/share/comment to Win

People enjoy receiving rewards and are eager to promote your business to do so. To enter, simply give a reward that your target audience would be interested in and encourage them to like, share, or comment on your post. You may also cooperate with an influencer in your business who has a comparable following to yours to broaden the reach of your contest.

For example, if you own a jewelry company, you might collaborate with a fashion blogger to hold a contest in which followers may win a piece of jewelry from your collection.

Creative Video Contests

Video gets your audience involved in your contest and adds a whole new level of inventiveness. To organize a video contest, invite your followers to submit a short clip linked to your contest subject, and then choose a winner based on creativity, originality, or any other criteria you choose.

UGC Photo Contests

Inviting your audience to contribute images connected to your business is a simple and enjoyable method to increase involvement. Furthermore, it provides you with a plethora of user-generated content (UGC) campaigns that you can reuse for future social media posts and campaigns.

For picture contests, you might ask participants to:

  • Send in a snapshot of them using your product.
  • Share a photo of oneself participating in an activity related to your promotion.
  • Demonstrate how they utilized your product in a novel way.

3 Ideas for social media contests to attract followers

Tag-A-Friend Contests

Asking your fans to tag their friends in a post or comment is a simple approach to boosting your social media followers.

Simply write a giveaway post in which you invite your followers to tag a friend (or three friends) for a chance to win. You can even give them extra entries for each person they tag.

Follow to Win

Skip the small talk and go directly to the point: urge users to follow your social media profile in exchange for a chance to win.

It’s as simple as that!

Reoccurring Draw Contests

While gaining a large number of new followers through a social media contest may appear to be beneficial in the short term, it won’t matter if they unfollow you as soon as the contest is over.

You’ll want to retain folks following your account after they’ve done so. This implies you must provide them with value in addition to the contest itself.

3 Ideas for social media contests to generate leads

Social media competitions may assist you in generating more quality leads and reaching a larger audience. To get you started, here are three social media plan lead contest ideas.

Sign-Up Contests

Sign-up competitions may be used to collect client lead information. Simply ask contest contestants to join up in return for a bargain or offer to do this.

This was the method employed by the Columbus Blue Jackets hockey team to increase ticket sales for Stanley Cup playoff games. Fans were asked to join up for a chance to win free playoff game tickets via Facebook adverts.

Direct Message Contests

If you want your audience to pay attention to your message, consider emailing them personally.

Direct Entrants to A Landing Page

Another strategy is to send individuals from your social media networks to a contest landing page. This may be accomplished through organic or promoted postings, or simply through a regular social media post.

3 Social Media Contest Ideas to Increase Brand Awareness

Social media competitions are a wonderful method to spread the word about your brand, product, or service to your consumers or target demographic. They may also be utilized to raise brand recognition and reach out to new potential customers.

Here are three entertaining social media marketing ideas for increasing brand recognition for your company.

Collaborative Contests

Collaborating with another business or industry influencer is an excellent method to reach a new audience and get people talking about your company.

You may, for example, collaborate with an influencer to give away one of your items to their followers. Alternatively, you might collaborate with a relevant company to quadruple the prize offerings in your contest.

When Nuba, a local Vancouver restaurant business, joined with yoga studio Jaybird, they used this strategy. Because both businesses focus on feeding the body and mind, the contest was a natural fit.

Hashtag Challenges

Hashtag challenges are an excellent method to engage people in your business. They’re also quite simple to start up because they often rely on user-generated material. All you need is a clever hashtag and some incentive prizes!

Branded Lens/or Contests

Users may now experiment with branded lenses and AR effects on platforms such as Snapchat. This is an excellent chance for companies to join in the excitement by hosting a contest leveraging these elements.

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