10 Smart Ways to Protect Yourself From Hackers: Full Guide 2022


Hacking is increasing day by day but securing your information from attackers is also important. Hackers can easily steal your file or personal information which is very dangerous. Want to protect yourself from these hackers then don’t look further these below-mentioned ways really going to help you a lot.

1) Don’t access personal or financial information when using public Wi-Fi

Public Wi-fi is available in most places nowadays such as shopping malls, coffee shops, airports, hotels, etc but using this Wi-fi is not safe. Always make sure to forget the public Wi-fi network after using it.

2) Turn off anything you don’t need.

Hackers can utilize specific features on your telephone to get at your data, area, or association. In this way, rather than keeping your GPS, remote association, and geo-tracking on constantly, simply turn them on when you want them.

3) Choose your apps wisely

Always download apps from trustworthy sites. This will secure you from hacking. Update your mobile application regularly.

4) Use a Unique Password or lock code

Always make your password eight characters long also include upper and lower case characters and also some digits. Try to set your screen timeout after 3 minutes or less.

5) Be distrustful of links and attachments

If you are 100% sure about the security then only open any link or attachment.

6) Trace or erase your data

If your phone gets stolen then make sure your personal data is secure.

7) Ignore spam

Nowadays, spam is the no. 1 source of hacking. Attackers use spam techniques to steal individuals’ information. So, be careful with email messages or calls from unknown gatherings, and never click on connections or attachments that go with them.

8) Turn off Bluetooth

Always turn off your Bluetooth when you are not utilizing it. Keeping your Bluetooth always on is another back door for hackers. So, make a habit to turn off your Bluetooth after completion of its work.

9) Delete your browsing history

Clear your browsing history so that hacker doesn’t get any idea about your activities. Make sure to clear all the cookies as well as cache files.

10) Shut it down

This way implies that shut down your computer systems if you are not working on them. Shutting down your system break all the connection for the hacker & they become unable to steal your personal details or pieces of information.

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