10 Pro Tips to Make Your Phone Impossible to Track

10 Pro Tips to Make Your Phone Impossible to Track


The vast majority of our lives are spent online as technology progresses. Our telephones contain more than we envision, like our bank data, secret data, protection information, etc.

It is crucial to know how to protect yourself from hackers and online trackers. Assuming that your information is leaked or misused by the programmers, it’s most certainly the top disaster of our lives.

That is the reason here we referenced various techniques to figure out how to make your telephone difficult to follow.

1) Stop Someone Tracking My Phone with Apps

There are a few sorts of spyware and observation applications available. Programmers and, surprisingly, your parents can download them on your cell phone to follow your cell phone movement.

2) Turn Off Location Service

Always make sure to turn off your location service. Don’t inform anyone when you are off your location services.

3) Control Permissions On Your Apps

Assume you need to utilize explicit applications that need location permission, for example, Maps or ride-sharing applications. All things considered, you ought to go to Settings – Privacy – Location Services and just select some applications for location services. Then, permit the application to be utilized exclusively.

4) Turn On Airplay Mode

Airplay Mode off your cell radio & the Wi-Fi introduced in your mobile phone none of them can connect with their specific networks.

5) Use The Private Web Browser

Internet browsers normally offer choices that “Don’t Track” in security settings. In this way, you ought to go to your browser’s security settings to permit it.

6) Don’t use public Wi-Fi hotspots

Public Wi-Fi is basically unsecured and can be utilized by an attacker to sneak around in your traffic and gather information about your whereabouts.

7) Use an Untraceable Mobile Service

If you want that nobody can trace your location then using untraceable mobile services is one of the best options.

8) Use a Burner Phone

Burner telephones are prepaid telephones that can be utilized for a brief timeframe and afterward disposed of. This makes it substantially harder for somebody to track your movements, as they will not have the option to tie the phone number to your identity.

9) Opt-Out of Ad Tracking

Sponsors use Location History to target advertisements in view of where you’ve been. By opting out of advertisement tracking, you can reduce how much information that is gathered about your location.

10) Turn off the Phone

If you have any desire to totally get rid of being tracked, only turning on your airplane mode is 

not enough. Switch off your mobile for not to be tracked by hackers.

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